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with Kelvin & Peixuan

"A Good Life starts with the Right Home"

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About Us

"A good life starts with the right home" - These words resonate deeply with us at Livefree, and they capture the essence of what we do. We understand that a home is not just a place; but the stage where your life's greatest moments unfold.

Your dreams are the compass that guides us. If you're ready to start your next chapter, allow us to help you find the right home to begin your journey. Together, we will transform your dream into a living, breathing reality, where you can Live Deliberately, Grow Freely & Have Essentially everything you desire.


How We Work


1 - Chat

Share your thoughts; we're all ears

Rest assured, we don't sell you anything

Just reach out. Let us know your questions and concerns about properties. We'll set up a timely conversation, tailored to your schedule, for a deeper understanding. This siple, free and efficient method is the quickest way to grasp your needs.


2 - Plan

You inquired, and we're here to deliver

Once we've heard you out, our role is to craft a game plan for you. Whether it's about selling or acquiring a property, we offer sound advice laid out step-by-step.


The choice to move forward is entirely yours. No strings attached — Not convinced by our guidance? Well, you've still gained some knowledge. If it resonates with you, let's proceed to the next phase!


3 - Source

Relax and let us handle the legwork

Our experience, connections and vast property resources empower us to flawlessly implement our strategies. We pinpoint either the perfect property for you or the best buyer in record time.


4 - Results

We're on the home stretch, ready to deliver results!

You chose us for a reason, and we're unwavering in our commitment to fulfill that expectation. Let's synchronize our schedules to ensure a seamless and effective transition.

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